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Originally known as the Service Core Of Retired Executives, SCORE, “Counselors to America’s Small Business” is celebrating 50 years of providing free business mentoring to entrepreneurs. Here you will find resources to support every phase of your journey from coming up with your business idea, through start-up, running and growing, marketing, funding and managing.

Wikipedia has a good write-up on the organization. A key feature they point out is “Once you have entered into a mentoring relationship with a SCORE mentor, that person is not allowed to be paid for any services. This is to protect clients from people who might become a SCORE mentor in order to get business leads.”

SCORE describes there Mission, Vision and Values as:

Small Business Matters
Small business is the engine of our national economy through business formation, job creation and wealth building. Small businesses and their support are critical to vibrant communities in our society.

Giving Back Matters
We give volunteers, stakeholders and sponsors the ability to give back to communities through their support of SCORE. Successful small business owners understand the importance of giving back to their communities.

Volunteers Matter
SCORE is volunteer business people helping small business people solve business problems. Volunteers give freely of their time, energy and knowledge to help others. SCORE volunteers donate over 1 million hours of their time each year to support their communities.

Experience Matters
A client’s experience matters – the truest measure of our mission and our service – we ensure that our clients have a positive experience. A volunteer’s experience matters – their relevant knowledge, wisdom and experience serve our clients through mentorship and education. A volunteer’s experience with SCORE matters – we ensure that volunteers find value and satisfaction while engaged with SCORE.

Relationships Matter
In relationships, we act with integrity, respect, honesty, purpose, and professionalism. We listen with an open mind, encourage and openly communicate with all people seeking help from SCORE. Personal, long-term relationships are a driver of small business success. Community alliances are critical to the success of SCORE.

Diversity Matters
We believe in the importance, value and power of diversity – diversity of people and diversity of thought. The diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, geography, and experience is important and valuable in SCORE. We strive to achieve diversity of our volunteer corps, staff, board and clients.

Lifelong Learning Matters
We believe that small business owners who are lifetime learners adapt to change more readily and are more successful. Volunteers as lifelong learners remain relevant, achieve personal satisfaction and growth.

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