About Ray Bietry

I’ve spent my life working to support my family. Now my children are grown and have families of there own. Without those obligations, I am free to think about what I will to do when I eventually retire. I know I don’t want to stop working, but I’m a realist and know that my present job will eventually end.

Like others, I’ve been self-employed for several periods of time, mostly voluntary, and once by necessity. I was successful each time, and always dreamed of my future as a entrepreneur. But each time, someone offer me a full time position and I settle back into its security.

I’m well established now and no longer require that security. Its time to fulfill that dream.

It should be obvious that I’m not alone in that pursuit. Everywhere within the age spectrum, individuals are dreaming of becoming entrepreneurs. Just look at the popularity of Shark Tank. It builds on the drama of independent, hard working individuals trying to get money to grow their businesses. Like them, that was always my problem and the reason I would eventually take the offer.

I soon realize that a great opportunity for me was to mentor other entrepreneurs. I enjoy mentoring.

That is what this web site is about.

Ray Bietry

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